The GO! Program will brand, market, and position you as a speaking expert in your community and grow your speaking business!


What’s Included?

  • Customized, professional, websites that market the wellness professional as credible and sought-after speakers to organizations of every size.
  • Built in lead generation, lead conversion, and lead management tools through CRM, & automated email marketing.
  • Go! Speak websites integrate the ‘Go! Program.’ All clients receive rights to the Intellectual Property (IP) including marketing, promotional materials, and teaching content for ‘The Go! Program.’
  • Go! LIVE!: 1 1/2 Day immersion seminar for all Go! Pros
  • Go! Online Q & A webinars
    • 60 minute hosted webinars to support the group in execution
  • The Go! Pros Forum
    • Secret FB group to interact, communicate, and learn online.
  • Guest affiliate presenters:
    • Public Speaking for Chiros: Roberto Monaco of Influenceology
  • No canned presentations. Clients receive a proven talk structure and the resources to build their own presentation by simply plugging in the content chunks that THEY feel are important.
  • Evolving content and improvements throughout the life of the Go! Program!
  • The program aims at creating relationships vs. the ‘one and done’ approach to talks, solidifying your credibility as a community health resource vs. a community health vulture
  • Speaking training from Influenceology’s Roberto Monaco.
  • Playbook on building each talk
  • Worksheet for each talk attendee to take notes and enrich their experience.
  • Blog articles pushed to your Go! Speak website for traffic and credibility
  • Promotional materials branded Go! for your upcoming talks
  • High quality, cutting edge program that moves organizations of every size to better health.
  • Professionally led program (led by a degree holding health professional (doctor, nurse, naturopath, etc.)
  • Your organization will now have a relationship with a local health professional as a resource to support the members wellness through on-going education.
  • Discovery call (this call is designed to discover the needs and desires of the organization)
  • Mapping call (this call is designed to map out a customized and successful program for the organization)
  • Free food feature: Food n’ Fortitude
  • Free Book download for all graduates
  • Email newsletter subscription for all graduates
  • Every Go! talk attendee will receive a ‘Worksheet’ with the key points from the talk. As well as bonus resources such as meal plan for nutrition, stress management tips, etc.

Our Mission

To empower wellness professionals by delivering cutting edge marketing and operational products, services and systems.

Our Vision

To deliver transformational presentations to existing organizations of all sizes and types, creating amazing health for their members.

Meet Our Founders

Dr. Ashly Ochsner

Dr. Jason Wiese

Dr. Kevin Schultz

Becoming a GO! Pro…

Enrollment is currently closed. Enrollment will re-open on September 17, 2016, check back for updates.

Email for more information regarding our enrollment schedule.